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    What Doctor should I see for tonsil stones?


    What Doctor should I see for tonsil stones?

    Tonsil stones occur in the tonsils which are located on either side of the throat.

    Hence it is a problem related to the throat.

    For problems with tonsil stones, one must consult an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) specialist.

    An ENT specialist can diagnose the problem and provide the treatment accordingly.

    The ENT specialists either prescribe antibiotics or treat by removing the tonsil stones by doing some minor surgical procedure.

    These stones may come back even after the removal.

    In case the problem is very severe, the ENT specialist may recommend removal of tonsils or tonsillectomy for providing permanent relief.

    However, this surgical procedure is not recommended until the problem is very severe.

    Some doctors do suggest laser cryptolysis.

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