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    A Galatic First


    by ATLAH


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    uhhh, great ending..."CUM! Lord Jesus, CUM! Lord Jesus! CUM! Heavenly father! oh! CUM! Holy spirit!" CUM Nao quickly..!" Oh yea rescue me baby. fucking fruit, you got no room to talk gtfo of the closet and quit bitchin like a southern bible zombie.
    The bible is nothing more than an outdated moral guide, socialism is taking over get used to it or get out are about the only options left unless people come to there senses.

    Now, feel free to be a hypocrite and delete this, you talk of freedom of speech but I don't think you believe in it so much when it's affecting you. prove me wrong and and destroy this comment with your intellect, your views, your argument, your word of god.
    By Jack5 years ago