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    What antibiotics do I need to take for tonsil stones?

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    What antibiotics do I need to take for treating tonsil stones?

    Tonsils are useful as they perform several imperative immunological functions.

    They protect our body against some specific diseases.

    It is recommended not to remove them unless they pose serious problems.
    They may range from smaller sized stones to big ones.

    When they enlarge in size the person might find it difficult to breathe or swallow and then their removal would be suggested.

    Tonsil stones can cause due to repeated tonsillitis bouts or throat infections.
    The disease can recur even after once they are removed.

    Albeit, the antibiotics cannot offer a permanent relief but strep tonsillitis that are, more often than not, diagnosed in the laboratories respond effectively to short term intake of antibiotics like erythromycin or penicillin.