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    Betta Fish : Are betta fish easy to take care of?


    by VideojugLifestyleandHome



    U E de Lara
    I'm a hobbyist who keeps mostly betta fish and I disagree with the care instructions in this video. As anyone reading this obviously has internet access, I strongly recommend browsing through a more informative care sheet. Bettas are tropical fish and while there are various opinions amongst hobbyists on whether filtration is a necessity, a quick google search will tell you that they thrive in stable warmer water temperatures (76-82ºF/24-27ºC). I strongly nudge anyone who wants to keep their pets in an acceptable manner to use other references because let's face it, the only thing that "doesn't need anything" is a pet rock. Oh, wait... those need dusting every once in a while.
    By U E de Lara2 years ago
    I'm really sorry but in the politest way I can I strongly disagree with everything in this video, bettas DO need a heater and filter and me being an experienced betta keeper means I know this. They CAN'T live in bowls or vases, I recommend a 2.5 gallon tank for the minimum! Bettas can live much longer than 2 years in the right conditions! My aunts lived to over 6 in a 5 gallon tank. By doing this to the betta you are making to susceptible to all kinds of disease such as ammonia poisoning and shortening its lifespan. To anyone reading this, please use better betta care guides, this is cruel and inhumane. After all would you like to live in a closet all your life? Please edit or delete this video, it is killing hundreds of bettas.
    By rosebud9752 years ago