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    Straying Leopard Rescued in Northern India


    by NTDTelevision

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    A straying leopard is rescued after getting stuck in a fence in India's Uttarakhand state. Straying leopards have killed more than 200 locals in the area in the past decade.

    Forest officials rescued a leopard that got stuck in a solar fence after it strayed into a residential area in the capital of Uttarakhand state.

    [Ramgopal, Forest Department Official]:
    "Our officials acted on the information that a male leopard was stuck in solar fencing. With the help of villagers and forest officials, we rescued the leopard and put it in a cage."

    The leopard was given tranquilizers and removed from the fence.

    One vet says the animal will need some time to fully recover.

    [Shailendra Vasishth, Veterinarian]:
    "As of now, its condition is not very good. Because of the crowd, the animal was feeling very irritated. So at this moment, it needs seclusion where it can get some rest. When it receives some treatment it will recover."

    Recently, the state government set up a transit rescue center for leopards in one district.

    Incidents of animal attacks or straying wildlife are common in the region, since 14,000 villages are located on the edge of Uttarakhand's jungles.

    According to official reports, during the past decade, out of a total of 312 people who were killed by wild animals, 203 have been killed by leopards alone.