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    Rabbits in Japan star in festive photoshoot


    by ODN


    Pet owners in Japan vist the "Bunny Family" store in Yokohama for their furry pets to star in their very own Christmas photoshoots.

    The rabbit pet store is proving more popular than ever as 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit. While most of Asia remains faithful to the Chinese lunar calendar to mark the New Year, Japan ushers it in according to the Western calendar.

    At the pet store, bunny owners primp their pets for the special occasion. Nothing was extravagant enough for the furry bundles, as they were given a total makeover with traditional Japanese kimonos tailored specifically for their size and shape. The glam bunnies were then put in the spotlight for a photo shoot.

    Kana Hasebe, 22-year-old artist and owner of three-year-old bunny Mondy said: "Since it's the Year of the Rabbit next year, I'm going to use this photo for my New Year's greeting cards. I mean, it's the only year (in a while) I will be able to take pictures like this."

    With Christmas just around the corner, some owners also dressed up their rabbits in Santa and other Christmas costumes.

    According to the Chinese calendar and beliefs, the rabbit is an animal that will bring endurance and peace after the fierce and energetic Year of the Tiger.

    Over 180 bunnies have had their photo taken at "Bunny Family" since the store first launched the photo shoot event in November.