World's Tallest Model Visits Sunshine Coast Shoe Shop

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At 6ft 8 inches in height, she’s quickly becoming well known. But during a visit to Nambour on the Sunshine Coast this week, we discover that model Amazon Eve, is also inspiring many with her story of accepting and embracing her differences. Here’s more from our Queensland correspondent in Australia.

Many of us dread shopping, but imagine how hard it is when you are 6ft 8 ins and wear a size 14 shoe. Amazon Eve, the world’s tallest model is on the Sunshine Coast promoting a brand of shoes designed for large-footed, fashion-conscious women.

[Bridgette and Lauren Simpson, Owners, Sole Haven Shoes]:
“She represents a brand of shoes called ‘Barefoot Tess’ and we are one of the only stockists of them in Australia. So, because they design larger sized shoes there is just not many stores that stock sizes up to 14.”

Eve’s extraordinary height has people turning their heads, but her story is touching many hearts as well.

[Amazon Eve, World’s Tallest Model]:
“By about 14 I realized I was 5ft 11 ins and I knew that I was taller than most people, most adults by this point. I was a little worried by that because people were calling me all kinds of names, you know - stretch, string bean, lady long-legs you know and it just didn’t seem to stop. And in the next four years I grew 9ins to 6ft 8ins.”

For much of her life Eve’s height brought her many challenges.

[Amazon Eve, World’s Tallest Model]:
“I have a size 14 foot and finding shoes is the biggest challenge I have ever had.”

After Amazon Eve featured on the cover of ‘Zoo Weekly’ an Australian men’s magazine, her life changed.

[Amazon Eve, World’s Tallest Model]:
“I deserve more love. Even if you are not getting it from the outside – I know I deserve it.”

Her visit to the Sunshine Coast is brief, but her message will be remembered long after she’s gone.

NTD News, Australia.