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    DKC Pacifism: Millstone Mayhem


    by TempleGuardian

    =This is NOT a speedrun, as evidenced by my mistakes and hesitantness=

    I thought it would be fun to go through the entire game without killing a single enemy. For obvious reasons, I won't be uploading boss battles, underwater levels, and the mine cart levels. I won't be getting any animal buddies (with the exception of Torchlight Trouble), and if I kill something, I have to immediately either kill both Kongs or jump into a bottomless pit. The use of bonuses is a last resort option if the monster is unskippable.

    There were 3 major obstacles here. First was the pit with jumping kremlings. You have to wait until the others jump out of the pit and to their doom before going on. The second was the one with the gnawty in the rolly-thing above the snake pits. For some reason, Donkey can jump over him while Diddy can't. But, it seems to just be a matter of luck whether Donkey makes it or not. The final one is the gnawty rolling over the snake pit. You have to sacrifice a Kong to get across.