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    Logitech G5 10 - Customize The Way You Raid


    by GameZombie

    MMOs have grown to be one of the gaming industry's most popular genres of gaming. Most of them contain game play that can become fairly complex, and the last thing you want to fight against if your controller setup. If you find your standard keyboard and mouse underwhelming, consider Logitech's keyboard and mice that are built around the needs of MMO players. Chris Pate, Project Manager at Logitech, discusses the key features of the company's Gaming Keyboard G5 10 installment in their line of gaming keyboard and mice. This installment in the peripheral series allows for 18 programmable keys, support for analog headsets, and detection for up to five simultaneously pressed keys at once, for all of your spamming needs! To help you keep track of your keys during the height of your all-night marathon, RGB back lighting has also been built in to illuminate the keyboard in the color of your choice. Of course, having a competent mouse is as equally important step to victory. With 13 programmable controls, Logitech aims to provide gamers with all the customization that they need without any of it getting in the way during general use. Logitech's peripherals are built with customization and ease of use in mind. If you're frustrated with your setup or you just want a back lit keyboard, perhaps it's time to upgrade to something built with gamers in mind. Host: David Klein Edited by: Joel Leonardi Executive Producer: Spencer Striker Creative Director: Andrew Benninghoff Producer: Tyler Thompson, Thomas Schulenberg Camera Operators: Justin Luntz, Max Madsen Graphics: Andrew Benninghoff, Andrew Von Haden