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    Sasha Eleyce - Reach Out

    Mike Johnston

    by Mike Johnston

    Sasha Eleyce currently OWNS the unsigned country song chart on myspace. By owns I mean that ten of her songs occupy spots 1-10 on the chart. Not an easy feat considering that there are something like a couple million bands on myspace. In addition she has seen over 34 million page views on her myspace profile. She is really the definition of what is possible as a DIY artist on the web. Bio: Starting at the age of two Sasha began her career on the fireplace hearth belting out Zippity Do Dah into a plastic microphone for any audience that she could gather. By the age of three Sasha began intense training in the dramatic arts and at age four landed her first role as the youngest child in the King and I. She has always felt at home on the stage and has been performing and training ever since. Sasha grew up in the Washington DC area and trained vocally with Richard Hartzel, Charla Rowe, Edrie Means and even traveled to NYC to train with top belting coach Bob Marks. She developed a four octive range that crosses genres with power and ease. Several summers were spent in LA training with the top acting coaches in the nation. Her training also includes more than eight years of ballet, tap and jazz. Coaches, producers and directors have all raved about what a delight it is to work with her. As early as middle school recruiters from both Yale and Princeton were pushing for a commitment to their musical programs. In high school she attended the Musical Theater Academy. She was selected by the Shenandoah Conservatory as the Must Have Student of the Year and later attended Shenandoah Conservatory studying musical theater. Sasha became a member of the Screen Actors Guild at the age of seven when she landed a recurring role on the NBC television series, Homicide Life on the Street for three seasons. Sasha has also worked on dozens of other film projects since leaving Homicide. Performing in over 40 musicals, operas and stage plays, she has grown up on the stage which is her home away from home. Some of her favorite ... Distributed by Tubemogul.