United Kingdom Talk LIVE Tuesday 21st December 2010

Chris Reardon
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Tuesday's edition of my three times a week LIVE talk show.Watch
or listen to the show LIVE at 11.00am UK time on Tuesday's & Thursday's, & 3pm UK time on Saturday's at :

In today's show :

* Thomaz from Poland on the phone.
* What are those naughty Koreans up to again ?
* Live or plastic Christmas tree ?
* A suggestion to settle differences.
* Skype issues for Yannick.
* Not stopped by the snow.
* The carol service on Sunday.
* Waiting for Santa.
* Badly put up speakers.
* Holly's friend eats before paying.
* Father Tom almost had a heart attack. Very tight with the money !
* Coping with the cold in Germany.
* Baby's first Christmas.
* Jeanne.
* Why would you not want to go home ?
* Snow tyres no good on ice.
* Paying so much per month.
* Christmas cards up on the wall.
* Costco. A whole afternoon out for nothing.