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    Do I need to buy her something to attract her attention?!

    Jennifer Nielsen

    by Jennifer Nielsen

    To attract a woman all you need is money, looks and lots of presents. This is something that I hear all the time. And its complete BULLS**T!

    You want to really know what attracts a woman to you? Its your presence, your charisma and the ability to make her feel good about herself when she is around you. That is what draws women in and keeps them interested.

    So how do we navigate around this idea of buying drinks or gifts to get her attention? Well I say don't! Don't do any of it! You don't have to buy a woman's attention. In fact showering a woman with flowers and chocolates on a first date would be the worse thing to do.

    In this video I will show you, what really attracts a woman to you. And how gifts can act as the icing on top of the cake rather than a substitute for creating real attraction.

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