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    Environmentally Friendly Christmas Decorations


    by NTDTelevision

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    Welcoming the Christmas holidays, a shopping center in Jakarta, Indonesia presents Christmas decorations such as Christmas trees, stars and giant balls. They are all made from hundreds of thousands of used plastic bottles. Let's go to Jakarta for more details on these environmentally friendly Christmas decorations.

    A giant Christmas tree, made from tens of thousands of used plastic mineral water bottles, is standing in the main atrium of Jakarta's Ciputra shopping center. It stands 65 feet high and has a 10-foot diameter.

    Nearly 60 thousand used plastic bottles were needed to make this impressive Christmas tree. And let's not forget the over one thousand pieces of decorative lamps, nearly 200 pounds of string, and 300 pounds of glue gun sticks.

    Nine people worked in shifts for 73 days to complete this environmentally friendly Christmas tree.

    Besides this giant Christmas tree, Ciputra is decorated with giant stars and balls that are also made from hundreds of thousands of used plastic bottles.

    Overall, the decorations in this shopping center required nearly 250 thousand used plastic bottles. These were collected from visitors to the shopping center, as well as from local schools.

    These environmentally friendly Christmas decorations are part of the shopping center's "Amazing Green Christmas" event.

    NTD News, Jakarta, Indonesia