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    I like the Way you lie-[Happy B-day PrincessxRinoa]!


    per Lenne87

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    oooh, here I am with a new video for my sis PrincessxRinoa!
    Because today is his birthday! Happy Birthday yeeeeee Mahsa! =)
    I hope today is beautiful day for you!
    Sorry if the video is not anything special but I have this pc test program and I just like vegas and I also go slow so I do not know how I put the scenes and so on. XD
    But I hope you like! Kiss! =)
    Program used: Sony Vegas 9.0
    Scenes used: Final Fantasy XIII/Inu-yasha/FMP/FF X/Drakengard 2/VP LennethDaed Fantasy II/Final Fantasy VIII!
    Time: 1 days!
    Dedicated: PrincessxRinoa!!