Green - the last days of an orangutan - Documentary


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Her name is Green, she is alone in a world that doesn"t belong to her.
This film is an emotional journey with Green's final days. It's a visual ride presenting the rainforest biodiversity and the devastating impacts of logging and land clearing for palm oil plantation.

Le documentaire Green retrace les derniers jours de la vie d'une femelle Orang Outang. Le film montre la richesse de la biodviersité, et les ravages de la déforestation en Indonésie, pour l'exploitation d'huile de palme pour notre alimentation.
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If you'd like to avoid palm oil ...
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Par Lola Mtl il y a 2 ans
These animals all have : love, respect , gratutude , they take only what they need to survive, they harm humans in no way , they ask of little , just to be left alone in there own enviroment , why are we doing all of this ; what is the matter with the world , Oh yes, I forgot, GREED? MUST HAVE IT? MONEY? POSSESSIONS? MORE AND MORE? NO MATTER WHO GETS HURT? WHO CARES I WANT IT, that is humans for you, Happy Now that you are killing all these wonderful animals who belong to ' mother earth 'way before us, May Mother Earth Forgive all of us ! This is truely an emotional film
Par elizabeth taza il y a 4 ans