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    Hard Candy Fitness Center, Fabio Martella


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    Hard Candy, The Bellydance Workout is two candies in one wrapper: A fitness experience with an artistic edge, and a dance learning experience with powerful fitness benefits. It's "hard" only if you are a total beginner in bellydance, but don't worry: We soften it up for you by teaching every move, step-by-step, in a complete Bellydance Basics Tutorial section.Hard Candy, The Bellydance Workout is a toning, sculpting and muscle-conditioning workout (not a cardio program) focusing on the hips, thighs, lower body, and waist. It consists of 100% bellydance steps. Undiluted by any non-dance fitness movement, Hard Candy retains the full aesthetics, rich textures, and musicality of bellydance.The Hard Candy Workout is made of sequences of bellydance combinations built gradually from basic steps and interwoven to give you a real dance experience. They follow the music just like real dance, reflecting the flow of melody, rhythm, and percussive accents.