This is Big Brother, would JJ come to the diary room


by james32_

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Corin showed her true colours on only a couple of occaisions, this being one of them. She showed no concern for her "friend" that night considering alot of what happened was down to the lies she told after her dinner with Nathan. Corin was only ever out for number one.
By 77annaMT5 years ago
agreed @lyndeedavo
By cazb19865 years ago
Corin would have loved it if John had walked. Regardless of how she felt about him Josie was supposedly her friend and she showed no concern for her at all during this incident. It was another case of her 'jumping over a someone with a broken leg to get to the final'. I dont think she made any real friends during BB, she was too self absorbed with her eye on the goal and nothing was going to stop her. I was so glad that BB did the 'in no particular order' evictions so that she went out before John because she would have gloated at the fact that she was in longer than him. The more of these clips I watch back the more I'm realising just what a bitch she was.
By LynDee5 years ago
Bless Sam he was genuinely so worried
By cait11895 years ago
wot an eeeeeeevil bitch corin was n steve int much better in this clip
By delli67675 years ago