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FFX NSGNSNO Challenge: 07 - Sinspawn: Gui (#1, Part 1 of 3)

8 jaar geleden46 views

Challenge description:

The battle with Sinspawn: Gui is as simple as it is boring. Take out the head, and then start the cycle of taking out the arms and taking a few potshots at the body before the arms regenerate. Child's play, but it takes me 25 minutes to do it since Rikku just had to stuff her ass in a piece of machina and lie in wait to butcher that poor Shoopuf instead of doing the sensible thing and heading for Mushroom Rock.

I could have clocked a faster time if I'd taken a little more risk, but this is not a battle you want to lose just when you're about to beat him. At least, I don't. I'm insane enough already.

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FFX NSGNSNO Challenge: 07 - Sinspawn: Gui (#1, Part 1 of 3)
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