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    Samsung Navibot vs Philips HomeRun - Test comparatif diisign


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    I had the Philips Homerun FC9910/01 for a few days. I was impressed how much dust it collects from my carpets. However, I think the device has serious software problems: Sometimes it cleaned only part of the room and then returned to its base because it felt it was finished. Most of the times it got caught in an "infinite loop" cleaning the same area over and over again. If this was the case, it stopped working with an 'internal error E7'. In my bathroom it did not clean the carpet obviously because the ground sensors identified the carpet as stairs. When returning to its base you don't get the feeling the robot knows where it is. It just searches the walls of your room and more than once it turned into the wrong direction even when it was just a few centimeters away. I contacted Philips because of the error codes and they sent me a new device. Unfortunately this had the same problems so I sent it back to my dealer for a refund.
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