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FFX NSGNSNO Challenge: 01 - Klikk & Tros

8 jaar geleden37 views

Challenge description:

Not much to say about these two, as per usual.

You can see that I grinded the Al Bhed Salvage Ship area for 99 Potions and Grenades in the Tros portion of the video. I got the Potions because it was quick and easy to do; the Grenades were partly for the first crossing of the Thunder Plains, and partly to compensate for Gil shortage on the Mushroom Rock. As it turned out I was around 3,000 Gil short there even after grinding for Gil on the Mi'ihen Highroad, so I had to sell quite a few of them to make up for the deficit.

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FFX NSGNSNO Challenge: 01 - Klikk & Tros
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