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    Dominoes Everywhere: TRON


    by jlyon1515

    To celebrate the release of TRON: Legacy, I thought it would be fun to do another domino video. I knew color-backed dominoes would lend themselves well to the light cycle in the computer world from both TRON films.

    The biggest inspiration for this video came from the original comic-con teaser trailer for TRON: Legacy.

    Even though the video looks a bit 3D generated and fake, all dominoes are completely real. The grid however was digitally matted into the video.

    Sample sounds used courtesy of the following users of The Freesound Project: yewbic (ambience03.wav), walkerbelm (shirtmonkey.wav), FreqMan (Thump01.wav), Glaneur de sons (woosh_01.wav), THE_bizniss (line in noise.wav).