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    Move On Down The Line


    by Maffu_

    A song I used to sing as part of the duo "Rhythm & The Devil". I used sing and play harmonica on it and (much better) guitar was supplied by Ken, the other half of the duo.
    The big sigh at the beginning is because I had just catastrophically flubbed my first take to a standstill, making my "First take goes up" rule impossible. So a scant second before this clip begins, there was a horrendous guitar noise, some "sailor swearing" and a deep breath before carrying on. So it's still part of the first take session, just not all of it.
    Once again, my singing suffers from playing guitar, but it's a road you have to travel - you can't just *arrive* at good..
    Anyway, please let me know what you think in the comments :D