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    Episode 8, part 1 - Ultimate AVGN vs. IG comparison video


    by Brutal1ty

    NOTE: Parts 2 & 3 will be uploaded 21st December. Also, help me improve my English by tellin me possible misspellings and typos.

    I started to make this episode in 7th of December, right after quick experiment with this new video editor, but I don't yet master it. This is Version 4, of part 1 that you are watching. Why is it version 4? Well, this episode was a small nightmare to convert:

    1st version suffered pixelated footage and text that didn't appear. After changing resolution and framerate for 2nd version, the still images started to look very small (wich explains the big letterbox around them). Also, the text became so big, it didn't fit in the screen. The footage still looked pixelated, so I made VideoPad to convert version 3 to MPG. In 3rd version, I adjusted couple text boxes. In 4th version, I fixed one typo and couple text windows, and you are looking the end result.