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FF7 MMO Challenge: 04 - Turks-Reno (v2.0)

8 jaar geleden40 views

Challenge description: http://www.femlob.com/redir/ff7mmo/
Battle Plan: http://www.femlob.com/redir/ff7mmobp/

Reno's 1,000 HP equals 13 Ice spells; there's no point in having Tifa or Barret attack him, since his solid MDef prevents them from dealing any kind of respectable damage.

As per usual, Reno imprisons one of your characters under a Pyramid every third turn; beyond that, his Electro-Mag Rod has a 24% chance of paralysing the character it hits.

The strategy is simple: hit Reno with Ice twelve times and kill off either Tifa or Barret. Reduce the HP of the other one to the point where one Bolt will kill her/him, and then wait for Reno to use his Pyramid attack again. Quickly free the trapped character, and kill the second character before you have Cloud hit Reno with Ice for the last time.

Cloud: Level 7
- Initial Equipment: Ice, Restore
Barret: Level 7
- Initial Equipment: Lightning
Tifa: Level 4
- Initial Equipment: Lightning

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FF7 MMO Challenge: 04 - Turks-Reno (v2.0)
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