New Look: Night Elf

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This clip is more about texture work and gear design than geometry changes made to the oginal game model.

All the clothing has been digitally painted from scratch and the old hair and facial textures have been altered. This is not a skin to be used In Game, it is an artist's take on how a ceremonial Night Elf attire could look like, inspired by their culture and old World of Warcraft artwork based on Night Elf sentinels. I used a normal map to add more depth to the clothing.

The character is still a low poly model. I was interested to see how far I could take the design with the limitations provided by the original low poly mesh. The hands were scaled more slender for a graceful feel. At some parts it was hard to avoid the painted textures stretching as they follow the scarce topology.

+30 hours of work from start to finished renders. Too scantily clad to your taste? Feel free to suggest another look with another theme in a comment. :)

Softwares used:

WoW Model Viewer ( Original model )
3ds Max (Modifying the model for rigging, skinning, posing, lighting)
Photoshop ( Textures )
After Effects ( Comp )

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