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FF7 MMO Challenge: 03 - Aps (v2.0)

8 jaar geleden38 views

Challenge description: http://www.femlob.com/redir/ff7mmo/
Battle Plan: http://www.femlob.com/redir/ff7mmobp/

Aps is as simple as he is annoying. Or more accurately put: it isn't Aps who is annoying as much as what happens before you fight him is. The closest Save Point is back in Wall Market, which means you need to sit through some five minutes of dialogue and cutscenes every time Lady Luck isn't at your crib; and unfortunately, she might decide to be a whimsical bitch.

I would discuss the strategy used in the video, but unfortunately Dailymotion's 1000 character description limit prevents me from doing so in full. If you're interested, read the description I posted alongside the YouTube version of this video here:


Cloud: Level 7
- Initial Equipment: Ice, Lightning
Tifa: Level 4
- Initial Equipment: Restore
Aerith: Level 2
- Initial Equipment: Restore

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FF7 MMO Challenge: 03 - Aps (v2.0)
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