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    Tip 2 Tip - Strike Mission - Episode 7.1 Distance

    Broadband Sports

    by Broadband Sports

    So this one wasn’t in the plans. The final (and legendary) crew is actually out to sea as we speak - and you'll meet them next week... In the meantime, we had a couple of weeks to kill after Brady, Dillon and Bruno said farewell. So, we needed to find a few surfers who were willing to fly up to northern Indo, hop on a rickety bus for a handful of hours, and get to the docks at a moment's notice. Of course, Alex and Koa Smith and Stu Kennedy raised their hands first...

    Obviously, it helped that Koa had already been on the Tip 2 Tip mission (remember Chapter 1 way back when?). Turns out he hadn’t even left Indo yet, and had been holed up in Bali for months improving his dancing skills at Sky Garden and braving the masses in the water along the Bukit. He had been hearing about all the epic chapters that have unfolded since his trip and it was starting to drive him a little mad. So he rallied big bro Alex and they made the break north.