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FF7 MMO Challenge: 01 - Guard Scorpion (v2.0)

8 jaar geleden60 views

Challenge description: http://www.femlob.com/redir/ff7mmo/
Battle Plan: http://www.femlob.com/redir/ff7mmobp/

There's not much to say about Guard Scorpion; he's no challenge in any challenge, and this challenge is no exception. Barret, of course, is a sitting duck; it's all up to Cloud. With his Mag at 24, you need ten of his Bolts to reduce Guard Scorpion to scrap metal; at 25, you need nine. Just keep counting until you have one left and then kill off Barret before you fire off the last one. If you're lucky, Guard Scorpion will focus most of its attacks on Barret; if he does, you might have enough MP to kill both Barret and Guard Scorpion without having to use an Ether. If you're not that lucky, just use the Ether; that's what they're for.

Cloud: Level 7
- Initial Equipment: Ice, Lightning
Barret: Level 6

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FF7 MMO Challenge: 01 - Guard Scorpion (v2.0)
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