CORE [english] - Rechargeable battery for TIKKA² headlamps

Petzl Crew

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The new rechargeable CORE battery is designed for the TIKKA² - ZIPKA² line of headlamps.
This battery is easily inserted into the headlamp in a few seconds instead of three regular batteries. It offers an advantage over standard batteries for frequent or intensive headlamp use. It is more economical to use - it pays for itself after four sets of alkaline batteries.

The Lithium Ion Polymer technology guarantees a lifetime that is equivalent to 900 regular batteries - the CORE battery makes an efficient contribution to
limiting toxic waste in the environment.

The CORE battery takes advantage of the high performance of Lithium Ion Polymer technology, particularly of its excellent functioning in lower temperatures.
The CORE battery has a USB connection, so it can be recharged from any standard USB charger: a cell phone charger, a multimedia device, a solar panel, a portable energy source, a computer, etc.
With "OS by Petzl" software, the CORE battery opens new doors: the "OS by Petzl" software can simply be installed in your computer and the headlamp connected to it. It then becomes possible to adjust, in a very intuitive way and with only a few clicks, the battery life of the headlamp or the lighting level (maximum or economic mode) according to your needs.

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