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    Indian Man Lives Side-by-side with Parrots


    by NTDTelevision

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    Take a look at this. In India, one man lives side by side with his two parrots. They do everything together from traveling to eating off the same plate.

    One parrot lover in India's Tamil Nadu state carries his two pets with him wherever he goes... for the past six years.

    [Murugan, Parrot Lover]:
    "They come with me wherever I go. They go to their nest when they feel like sleeping. These two are living in my heart as my children and they listen to whatever I say. When I go shopping they keep sitting on my motorcycle."

    Murugan's friend says the birds are very intelligent.

    [Jayaraman, Murugan's Friend]:
    "These parrots are more intelligent than men. Murugan carries the parrots on his motorcycle. The parrots ride on the motorcycle without any fear."

    Murugan and his parrots even eat from the same dish and drink from the same glass.