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Partnerships against drink-driving in Europe - 3/12/2010

il y a 8 ans147 views

A conference under the Belgian Presidency of the EU and with the support of the Belgian Ministry for Mobility and Transport and organised by the Belgian Road Safety Institute and The Brewers of Europe on 3rd December 2010 in Brussels.

A multi-stakeholder approach to tackling drink driving in the EU has brought tangible results over several decades, including a dramatic fall in drink driving fatalities. However, there is more work to be done. This conference brings together key stakeholders to reflect upon the value that cooperation across the EU delivers, through for example the European Road Safety Charter and voluntary commitments within the European Alcohol and Health Forum. On the eve of discussions within the Council on the new EU Policy Orientations for 2011-2020 on Road Safety and the start of the UN Decade for Road Safety, high-level participants will highlight best practices and put forward their recommendations to achieve further success in combating drink driving.

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Partnerships against drink-driving in Europe - 3/12/2010
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