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    World Landbridge (3) - Birth of the World Landbridge

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    The idea of a World Land-Bridge first arose 20 years ago. When the Berlin Wall fell, Helga Zepp-LaRouche was the only political figure in Germany prepared for it. As Lyndon LaRouche had forecast the collapse of the COMECON block and had declared in October of 1988 that the reunification of Germany was an immediate prospect, both LaRouches were clear that a new order of peace, based on mutual economic development of the East and the West, would become possible.When the peaceful revolution of 1989 had successfully brought brought down the Wall, Zepp-LaRouche declared that an unmatched sublime hour of mankind had struck.

    While the West European governments were surprised and without contingency plans of action, already in January of 1990, the Schiller Institute published a pamphlet entitled “The Productive Triangle Paris-Berlin-Vienna - Locomotive for the World Economy”. Zepp-LaRouche sent German Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl an in-depth study of this proposal, along with a personal letter.

    With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Schiller Institute, through the leadership of Helga Zepp-LaRouche, expanded its development program eastward. Thus was created The Eurasian Land-Bridge. Over the following years, she organized hundreds of conferences worldwide and work groups, which brought together high-level participants from all continents, and especially from the nations of the strategic Four Power Alliance comprising the United States, Russia, China and India.