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    Revolution No.1 - Chaotic Distraction

    Revolution No.1

    by Revolution No.1

    ft. the voice of Noam Chomsky.

    I haven't been here a long time
    but I remember
    I remember
    I remember
    We used to need to survive,
    We used to have a life.

    But all thats changed now
    all thats changed now
    all has changed now

    The saints came to protect us
    and now we notice, only weakness.

    Lets act like ways of life
    are ever set in stone.

    Shiftless, Disconnected
    We're stubborn
    We adapt for no one.

    Crimson meets Coral
    Awake, Awake
    We could steer the stars now
    You wait, afraid.

    We've been such a long time away,
    Your part here crystallised with every betrayal
    It's your time
    It's your time
    It's our time, so

    Don't wast time
    Don't wast time

    We could have done a hell of a lot better
    We could do a hell of a lot better.

    Chaotic Distraction
    Will eclipse reason
    The walls close in
    to embrace us all.
    Funny because all the while
    a man comes with the rain.

    we're all over exposed
    dream in heaven
    but know that the world
    is never, ever, ever gonna change.