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    Egyptian Building Collapses in Bad Weather


    by NTDTelevision

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    At least seven people were killed and another 10 wounded when a factory building in Egypt collapsed due to bad weather conditions. Rescue teams managed to pull four people out of the rubble.

    A factory building collapsed in the northern Egyptian port city of Alexandria on Sunday killing at least seven people and injuring 10.

    The toll could rise as others are believed to be still under the rubble.

    Police armed with riot gear sealed off the area, confronting worried relatives who attempted to enter the building to look for their loved ones.

    Rain damage to the factory structure is blamed for the collapse, which was part of a string of accidents, some lethal, linked to bad weather across the country.

    Other buildings also collapsed or were damaged by storms, leading to other deaths, putting the total death toll at 18.

    Building collapses are fairly frequent in Egypt, often blamed on poor construction.