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    I'm So Afraid - A Duet By Diane Marino And Robert Lauri


    by MusicDishTV

    The very talented Diane Marino and Robert Lauri combine their musical worlds in an "international" duet of harmony and synergy in a French recording entitled "J'Ai Si Peur" (I'm So Afraid). The arrangements were done by Robert Lauri, who also composed the music along with Danielle Bennaim, with lyrics by Claudine Marousek-Dornhakl. The Marino-Lauri duet is unquestionably successful: Diane's voice complements Robert's beautifully, and the performance by both artists releases a magical harmony that tells the story of a couple who has been through the ups and downs of life and seen bad times, but who finally has found a love so strong and pure that they are finally no longer afraid anymore. Romantic to the core, whether you parlez vous Francais or not, you will enjoy this emotional and heart wrenching performance.


    Lyrics: J'Ai Si Peur (I'm so Afraid)

    I'm so afraid to see happiness vanishing

    I know that trembling does not help

    But how can we sleep quietly telling ourselves that nothing

    Can take this away, not tomorrow, not ever

    I'm so afraid that everything will break and die

    In less than a day, in less than an hour

    Quicker than we see flowers wither

    I'm so afraid to see pain come,

    To see misfortune invade our happy home

    But how can we protect ourselves from torment, from the wind,

    from the rain and anger and the demons of the earth

    Oh, I'm so afraid that everything will break and die

    In less than a day, in less than an hour

    Despite myself, I'm so afraid

    To be afraid cannot it harm happiness, our happiness

    I fear it; however we owe him well

    To have put a large blue sky in our life, our life

    Beautiful words of love which shine upon all our days

    Oh Now that far from us are the torments

    Far from us all bad winds

    The rains which wet springs

    Don't be afraid don't be afraid of our hearts

    Nothing can change the mood

    To make evil with our happiness

    Do not say any more I'm so afraid