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    Facial Perspiration - Neat Face Saver

    Molli King

    by Molli King

    43 views Neat Face Saver - it prevents excess facial perspiration. Care products that reduce excess facial wetness and shine. Can be applied before usual facial makeup. Light gel leaves no facial residue, no deposit, no stickiness. Easy and smooth to apply. Makeup and sunscreens stay on longer. Keeps makeup looking fresh all day even in hot weather. When Neat Face Saver Gel is applied prior to other cosmetics the second product will remain on the skin for much longer and will be less likely to be washed away rapidly by facial perspiration. This is particularly helpful for sunscreens and other such products which are required to remain on the skin for as long as possible. Neat Face Saver is used by people working in warm climates, sportspeople, people who perspire more freely than others. It is particularly useful for those people that have the embarrassment of having facial perspiration dripping down their forehead. The product will not affect the production from the scalp, but it will help to decrease the amount of perspiration visible on the face.