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    Traditional Buffalo Race Held in Southern India


    by NTDTelevision

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    Locals and tourists enjoyed a popular buffalo race in India's Karnataka state. The traditional sport has dates back hundreds of years.

    Hundreds of people turned up to watch buffaloes race in India's Karnataka state on Sunday.

    This annual sporting event has been going on for hundreds of years.

    [Kadri Navaneetha Shetty, Organizer, Kadri Kambala]:
    "At one point in time it was a race for the kings then it became a race dedicated to the Gods. At the end of the race, they plant a vanana sapling."

    Farmers say the race is a way for them to pay tribute to the gods for protecting their crops.

    [Ganesha Amin Sankamar, Visitor]:
    "The Kadri Kambla race is important for the agricultural tradition of this region. Not only is it important for the people of this region but it is a source of regional pride."

    Several foreign tourists were also spotted enjoying the race.

    [Ally, Tourist from London]:
    "I have had a very enjoyable day here today, including running races, tug of war and now the buffalo races, it is very interesting as we have nothing like this at home."

    Around 150 buffalo participated in the races which had several categories based on strength of the buffalo.