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    by eMortgageShop

    THANKS TO YOUR GUIDANCE! I want to thank for several things and wanted to take a minute to do so. Using your process that I went through 2 times this weekend, sleeping only 6 hours to do so, I was able to find an outstanding Broker in Marietta, Georgia (about 25 miles North of Atlanta). I found her, and other well qualified Brokers thanks to your guidance. Out of all the Brokers I contacted, only 3 were willing to work with me on a total 1% commission. So many others would not discuss YSP, wanted 3% commission on a $400k loan we need, tried to explain away the YSP as being GOOD for me and my families future (cough, gag, ah-yaaahh!), or simply refused to discuss anything else with me after I got to question 4-5 on the prepared sheets you created for us. Sincerest Thanks, Scott V.