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    Oprah’s Surprise Dinner Date Down Under


    by NTDTelevision

    Well, Australia certainly hasn’t been short of visiting celebrities over the last couple of months. David Beckham, Tiger Woods, Jay Z, Bono, Bon Jovi and Keisha are just a few of the names that come to mind. But without a doubt, Oprah has generated the most media hype with her lengthy eight-day stay. The star has just touched down in Sydney, Australia’s largest city. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of her trip and also a special dinner date she had with a fan in Melbourne. Our NTD correspondent has the latest.

    After arriving on Hamilton Island in Queensland last week to meet and greet the local wildlife, she flew to Uluru to see the iconic Ayers Rock, before touching down in Melbourne to speak to a crowd of over 10,000.

    But the Talk Show Queen’s appearances don’t end there. Before leaving Melbourne, there was one long-lost fan she wanted to reunite with.

    Megan had met Oprah in Hawaii in 2006 when she was an audience member on one of her shows. Megan gave Oprah her business card and invited her to her house if she ever came to Australia.

    This brief encounter 2006 turned into the surprise of a lifetime for Megan, as she was planning just a quiet evening celebrating her birthday with friends.

    Oprah then took off in her private jet to Sydney, flying into the sparkling harbour city that beamed with sunshine just in time for the star’s arrival.

    Oprah will stay at the Intercontinental Hotel, a hot spot for celebrities and foreign dignitaries, with panoramic Sydney Harbour views.

    [Visiting Audience Member]:
    "Oprah's the queen you know. I just hope she's having as good a time here in Australia as we are."

    Oprah is due to tape two shows at the Sydney Opera House on Tuesday December 14th.

    In the meantime, she will be enjoying a moment of rest on a trip she will never forget.

    NTD News, Australia.