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    O’Neill Cold Water Classic Canada 2010 – The Importance of Rain

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    You can also call Tofino “the rainiest places on earth”. In Tofino the average rainfall is 135 inches per year, more than ten feet! Dallas, Texas gets 36 inches/yr, Paris, France 23.9 inches, Hamburg enjoys 29.7 inches of rain. But Tofino wouldn’t be Tofino without all the rain!

    The expression "I'm bailing out of here" may have originated in Tofino, as many residents develop a desperate need for dry, sunny weather by late February.

    The Vancouver Island Mountain Range acts as a rainmaking device. The east side of Vancouver Island gets less than half the rain as the "Wet Coast". The rain creates and continually feeds the stunning, intact natural systems. The big trees, salmon, whales and bears are all dependent on the rain that feeds this beautiful eco-region.