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    O'Neill Cold Water Classic California 2010 – Jack O'Neill & The History of the Wetsuit

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    by Broadband Sports

    Jack O’Neill single-handedly revolutionised surfing in the 1950s.

    Without him surfing in cold water would simply not be possible for any length of time, if it wasn’t for his invention of the wetsuit in early 50’s. This ingenious garment single-handedly broke down the barriers allowing dedicated surfers to enjoy waves in the planets coldest conditions.

    Jack O’Neill was in San Francisco at that time, where it gets quite cold and drops down below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. He wanted to work on something so that he could enjoy surfing longer.

    He got his idea and inspiration by watching elephant seals. He was wondering how they can spend all this time in the water. What is their complex structure that allows them to be in those freezing waters 24/7?