RDB - Akhian Video - Behind the Scenes 2 of 2


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RDB, which stands for Rhythm Dhol Bass, was designed by these three brothers to create a new genre of music. They brought different musical styles together and fused them with Punjabi folk music ultimately constructing the “RDB sound”. They are extremely talented and amazing entertainers who have worked alongside several celebrity singers and actors; Akshay Kumar, Snoop Dogg, Public Enemy are only a few of them.

The official new addition to the group is Nindy Kaur, the wife of one of the brothers, Manjeet Ral (Manj). Raised in the U.K. and surrounded by the beats and rhythms of Birmingham’s Bhangra bands, she grew up as a child who would save her lunch money to buy every Bhangra album upon release. Soon after their marriage, her singing abilities were obvious to Manj who put her in the recording studio and launched her as the first female vocalist from RDB. Originally club DJs, the RDB brothers play a blend of Bhangra, house, UK garage, Bollywood, RnB, hip-hop, ragga, and dance music.

Check out this Behind the Scenes Look at the making of the music video, Akhian.