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    Hippocampe Fou

    par Hippocampe Fou

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    "VACCIN CONTRE L'AUTOMNE", le 1er EP (5 titres) d'HIPPOCAMPE FOU est DISPONIBLE sur iTUNES (et toutes les plateformes de téléchargement légal).

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    I'm a high kicker, let's take a ride deeper in your mind mister,
    I'm your guide and I give dry fever.
    I've seen beetles deepthroatin' Justin Bieber dressin just like Jack the Ripper
    At the grammys for his grannies and his babysitter.
    Oh ! Oh ! Oh !, my flow's like snow on a sombrero.
    Honestly, you don't deserve me bro cause
    I'm a Monty Python, a silent lion shinin like a diamond.
    Lord Byron called me his cold iron idol.
    I'm tastin' a pie, lickin' a mic, ridin' a bike at the same time,
    Ready to bite, ready to die, winnin' the fight on the bass line.
    I'm a pilot and a pirat, I hide my rhymes in a bagpipe.
    I'm a kind dad sleepin in a hammock on the top of Big Ben or in Bagdad.
    Each word is a climax, please call me : the twilight, historical Mad Max.
    I'm a singer, a stage five clinger, this finger means : bye bye.

    Motherfuckers !

    Texte & Musique : Hippocampe Fou
    Image : Kakadi & Hippocampe Fou
    Montage : Hippocampe Fou