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    Playboy gives away Golden tickets to the Mansion, ...


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    by podpocalypse

    For all the links & videos goto 1 Transexual Barbie Dolls "VILNIUS - An investigation into the distribution of transgender children's toys - female dolls that had anatomically correct male genitals - have been declared a manufacturing error by Child Protection Ombudsman Edita Ziobiene. The dolls had been produced by Newsun Toys based in China. Six of the dolls were found in Kaunas before the beginning of the investigation. No further dolls have been reported since." 2. Playboy Pulls a Willy Wonka With Golden Tickets This Friday, tucked within the pages of some 200,000 Playboy magazines on US newsstands will be 10 "Golden Tickets" to the Midsummer Night's Dream Party thrown by the pajama-clad playboy known to millions of readers as "Hef". 3. Cruise Ship Disaster people get tossed around in this viral video of the Pacific Sun Cruise Liner in very Heavy Seas.