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    2010 Eureka,CA Truckers Christmas Parade.

    tim wozny

    by tim wozny

    The Northern California trucking industry, businesses and citizens go all out each year to put on this spectacular parade when thousands are expected to line the streets to witness trucks loaded from bumper to bumper, side to side and high above their wheel base with lights and decorations.

    On the second Saturday evening of every December for the past 22 years, Dale Bridges has worked at a relentless pace to get the Truckers Christmas Convoy -- an event where thousands of people line the streets of Eureka to catch a glimpse of huge trucks adorned in holiday lights -- up and running.

    "It's a lot of responsibility and I'm dog tired at the end of the day," Bridges said. "But when you go out and see the beams of glee on the faces of young and old alike my energy picks up. It's a phenomenal event. It picks up the spirits of Eureka."

    This year's parade will benefit the Boys & Girls Club House, located at the corner of Harris and J streets in Eureka.