Twilight Bella's Lullaby Guitar Cover

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Before watching this, turn out the lights of your chamber, get used to see in the dark, then click play (with HD of course) and enjoy ;)
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Characters from Right to Left :

Jad Diab
Aurelien Guillon
Louise Soulié
Fred Diab
Julie Soulié

Softwares Used :

Cubase SX3
POD farm
3Ds Max 2010
After Effect CS3
Photoshop CS3
Sony Vegas Pro 8

Hardware Used :

Ibanez RG prestige 1570 guitar
Shure SM58 microphone
Whale bass
Panasonic HDC-SD9

This is a cover of bella's lullaby by Robert Cartwell.
Lyrics are extract of a Pablo Neruda poem called enigmas :

"I want to tell you the ocean knows that life in its
jewel boxes is endless as the sand.
You've asked me what the lobster is weaving there with
his golden feet?
Oh Bella, I reply, the ocean knows this."

Special thanks for Andrew Kramer, check out his website, great tuts and products

Enjoy !

PS: This is my dog, and no he's not dead ^^

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