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    Fantasia by Alonso Mudarra (guitar played by F.H.1984)

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    This "Fantasia" of the 16th century is composed for the vihuela (an ancient form of the guitar) by the spanish musician Alonso Mudarra. As its subtitle shows, Mudarra tried to imitate the special way, in which a famous harp player of his time used to play his instrument.
    ("Fantasía que contrahaze la harpa en la manera de Luduvico".)

    Quite amusing are the annotations by Mudarra himself.
    At the beginning of the Fantasia, he wrote "It is difficult until it is properly understood". And really funny but true, he set a foodnote in the middle :
    "From here on to the end there are some false notes; but when played well they do not sound bad"

    The paintings used for this video were created by the german artist Martina Zechel.
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