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    Mahoney 'to return for Police Academy 8'


    by ODN

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    Police Academy 'sound effects man' Michael Winslow has confirmed there are plans for an eighth Police Academy film.

    In an interview with ITN, the 52-year-old actor and comedian, who plays Sgt. Larvelle 'Motor Mouth' Jones in the cult comedy series, said: "I'm waiting to see what the script is about. I know that Mahoney (Steve Guttenberg) wants to do it, and it would be good to see everybody again."

    The Police Academy films are a series of American comedies with a strong emphasis on physical humour and low-brow gags.

    There were six films produced in the 1980s, and a seventh instalment, Mission to Moscow, followed in 1994.

    While not always attracting the best response from the critics, the Police Academy movies have gained a cult following.