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    Indonesia's Biggest Santa Claus Sets New Record


    by NTDTelevision

    A shopping center in Jakarta, Indonesia, has broken a record with its Christmas display. The centerpiece of the display, the record-breaking giant Santa, is made entirely of Legos. Let's go to Jakarta for more.

    Sitting on Santa Claus's lap is a treat for many children at Christmas time, but here's one Santa that might not be so comfortable to sit on. It's Asia's largest Santa Claus made entirely of Lego bricks -- more than 300,000 of them.

    The huge model is the centerpiece of Jakarta's Central Park shopping center Christmas display. It stands 14 feet high, almost 8 feet wide, and more than 5 feet deep and took 16 people 3 months to build, using more than $22,000 worth of Legos.

    On Thursday, Central Park shopping center received an award for Asia's biggest Santa Claus made from Legos.

    [Veri Y. Setiady, Executive Director, Central Park Shopping Center]:
    "Why did we choose Legos to decorate our Central Park shopping center this year? It's because Legos are one of the most popular toys for all ages -- children, adults, they all like Legos. Legos are not just a toy, Legos are a toy which has a high element of education, and it also stimulates creativity."

    Keeping Santa company in Central Park are ten Christmas-themed buildings -- also made from Legos -- such as Santa's candy factory, Santa's school, Santa's reindeer train and, of course, a Christmas tree. The models were all built by architecture students from Trisakti University in Jakarta and took more than two months to complete.

    Patrick Seet from Lego Indonesia hopes the models will help inspire Indonesian children.

    NTD, Jakarta, Indonesia.