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    Daredevil jumps from mountain in Antarctica


    by ODN

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    Russian Valery Rozov braved temperatures as low as minus 30C to climb a mountain in Antarctica - and then jumped off the top of it.

    Almost 3000 metres above sea level, the summit of the mountain named Wolf's Peak looks a daunting task for any mountaineer, let alone one intending to plunge down the sheer face of rock using a wingsuit before deploying a parachute.

    The eight-strong expedition, from Russia, Serbia, Switzerland and Turkey, was flown to a plateau below the mountain and set up base camp as they prepared for the three man climbing team to scale the peak.

    Rozov, his fellow climber Alexander Ruchkin and mountain photographer Thomas Senf made it to the top and had time to take in the breathtaking scenery before Rozov donned his wingsuit and threw himself off the mountain.

    He glided for about 45 seconds before pulling his parachute ripcord for a safe landing at the bottom.